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The Natural Family Planning Association (Saskatchewan)
is an non-profit organization whose purpose is to teach the Billings Ovulation Method® of natural family planning.

The Billings Ovulation Method® was developed by Drs. John and Evelyn Billings, and is used by millions of women around the world. It is based on awareness of the woman`s natural signs of fertility and infertility, unmodified by any chemical, mechanical, or other artificial means.

The Billings Ovulation Method® has been validated by eminent international scientists and verified as extremely effective by the World Health Organization.

The Method takes advantage of the biological fact that women are infertile more often than fertile throughout their reproductive years. When a woman learns the Billings Ovulation Method®, she learns to recognize the fertile and infertile phases within her menstrual cycle. This knowledge can be used to become pregnant, avoid pregnancy, and to safeguard reproductive health.

Scientific studies indicate that with proper instruction and motivation, the Billings Ovulation Method® in actual practice is 99.64% effective.


  • Supported by scientific research
  • Enables all pregnancies to be planned
  • Is NOT the Rhythm Method
  • Can assist couples in achieving pregnancy
  • Is natural and harmless
  • Does not require pill-taking or devices of any kind
  • Has no medical side effects
  • Helps to establish physical and mental harmony in marriage
  • Can be used successfully by any woman