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The Billings Ovulation Method® can be used to assist couples who wish to conceive, with a nearly 80% success rate. With the guidance of an Accredited Instructor, couples can learn to identify the days of highest fertility during the cycle and time intercourse accordingly to maximize the chance of conception. This knowledge is especially helpful when a woman's cycles are irregular, as the timing of ovulation and her most fertile days can vary from cycle to cycle!
For the achievement of pregnancy, the Billings Ovulation Method® has been proven successful around the world and close to home too! Alberta couples who have experienced years of infertility and failed attempts with IVF have been able to conceive with this knowledge. For couples who are struggling to conceive, the Billings Ovulation Method® fertility chart can also be used as a diagnostic tool for identifying reproductive problems which may be hindering conception. Charting provides a day by day assessment of ovarian and hormonal activity. Recognizing and treating underlying reproductive problems can enable a couple to conceive naturally.

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